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Title: Convoy Rules Must Read
Post by: Boyoplastic on June 22, 2010, 02:58:55 PM
'Exercise Caution At All Times'


A convoy is all about the practise of safe driving & promotes discipline to all drivers of the convoy. Being kiasu is a big no no! The tagline in any convoy would be 'Exercise Caution At All Times'. It takes a lot of practice to have a good convoy. Convoy Marshal are known as per below terms.

Official CAR - OC

Hot Car - 1 HC (10 estimas) 2 HCs (<10 estimas)
Sweeper - SP (<20 estimas)
Back Marker - BM

additional in MeOG - Media CAR

ZERO - is responsible for the safety of all cars in convoy. ZERO must also communicate constantly with the BM, SP & HC to know the situation at the back. ZERO must report traffic hazards to all cars to prepare them to brake/swerve/etc. ZERO must be alert at all times & give instructions to the SP/HC in getting all cars in convoy. Any cars in convoy CANNOT overtake ZERO unless instructed otherwise.

BM - last car of the convoy. BM can never position himself infront of any convoy car except for SP. BM must report to ZERO at all times...on whether all cars in convoy has pass the traffic light, get off a junction, if there is a break in the convoy, etc. To block/clear on-coming back traffic to allow convoy to overtake safely on the fast lane.

SP/HC - No. of SP/HC required depends on the no. of convoy cars & how complicated the route is. Usually HC is the 'prefect' of a convoy. they take instructions from ZERO in making sure that all cars are in convoy, marking junctions, warn a convoy car if its driving dangerously, wait for cars that are stuck at a traffic light & lead the cars back in convoy. It's their job to also stayback & help cars that are in trouble (accident/breakdown). SP/HC are always in 'hot-pursuit', overtaking convoy cars to get themselves in position to help ZERO to control the flow of the convoy. these are the only cars allowed to overtake ZERO. So, all other cars in convoy must somehow give way for SP/HC to overtake them in their hot-pursuits.

Route Recce is a MUST for ZERO, BM & SP/HC in preparing themselves for the convoy.
To compliment Marshal jobs. MeOG will shared the speed ticket among participants
Title: Re: Convoy Rules Must Read
Post by: Boyoplastic on June 22, 2010, 02:59:41 PM

Arrive well before the departure time. This allows organisers to brief everyone at once and not have to repeat instructions for latecomers.
Unless advised otherwise.

Walkie Talkie (WT) MPORTANT/WAJIB :

All drivers must have a WT for the safety on his/ her car and others in the CONVOY as well. If you don't have one, go buy, rent or borrow before the trip

Your forum ID will be use as Callsign!
All drivers set to channel 13
All HMs set to channel 3
Fully Charged WT Set


Stick convoy sticker on top of right rear windscreen

Convoy Vehicles

All vehicles must be legally registered and roadworthy or applicable permits in place.
This Convoy will cover journey about 400 - 900KM. 60% Highway 40% Federal route.

1. Touch & Go reload min RM100/ Smart TAG battery "Hi"
2. Tip - top Car condition. (is mechanically able to complete the journey)
3. Check level of Engine Oil, Trans Oil, Water, Wiper, Lights
4. Tyre tread/ balancing/ aligment/ pressure/ spare tyre
5. Basic toolkit/ Jumper cable/ TorchLight/ RED Triangle
6. Full or 3/4 tank of Petrol at RV point.
7. Have a light meal before departure. Breakfast always at 1st Pit Stops
8. Clean & shine ride

ZERO will make annoucement prior to departure at RV Point & after every next pit stop.

HC will break ealier from convoy 1KM before Pit Stop area to secure the parking lots. Applied to every next pit stops.

If there are a large number of vehicles (< 20) it is advisable to break up into two formal groups with a lead car for each group. SP will lead 2nd group of convoy. ZC & BM advice/ decide to split convoy line-up into 2 groups.

HCs & SP need make sure each Estima Convoy passes every trafic lights (TL) & junctions. If TL turn RED and there are estimas stop at the TL, HCs must wait on roadside after TL

BM must ensure all Estimas left the pit stops. All estimas passes junction or TL.

Please line up in 2 line if U are permitted to do so by HCs & SP
Please park ur car in position or instruct by HCs & SP
Title: Re: Convoy Rules Must Read
Post by: Boyoplastic on June 22, 2010, 03:00:17 PM
During Convoy

To the rest of the other cars: when in convoy, all cars must adhere to road rules & regulations. Stop when the light is red. Don't worry, if you're stuck at the lights, there's always the SP/HC to wait for you. When convoy is approaching any traffic lights, fill in all possible lanes. This is to ensure that all cars can pass the traffic lights. Same goes for the toll plazas. Let public car/s overtake you. They are in hurry, not let them be! But do warn the other cars in front of you that there is a public car trying to overtake the convoy. Try not to go bumper to bumper, unless at the traffic light or coming in/off junction. This to avoid any unfortunate event.

If you need to detour (restroom, emergencies, etc.. but not refueling), you must inform the ZERO or any SP/HC (by WT or HP). Do not simply just go off the convoy because you might bring the rest of the convoy along with you! Wait for ZERO/SP/HC's green light for you to go. Usually ZERO will instruct SP/HC to help you get out of the convoy. Be patient. Discipline yourself in maintaining your position. You can only overtake other cars to maintain your position after traffic lights/toll plazas but don't rush...there's ample time for you to get in your position. Should cars need to split when approaching Toll Plaza's due to different paying mode, Smart Tag/ TnG, all cars will need to regroup on left in a safe manner and move back into lineup position before moving off again. Create a space for the car in front of you to join back the line-up.

Overtaking is not allowed! Stick to your position from start to the end. Always remember the car infront and at the back of you. Make sure drive Ur car in sequence number e.g. if your CAR is no 3, Ur ride must be behind car no. 2.. please ignore HCs, SP & Media Car
Do not go faster than you feel comfortable driving!

If you are going to leave the group before the end of the trip please notify the trip leader and others.

The convoy will have last pit stop at the end of Convoy before all cars adjourn.
Title: Re: Convoy Rules Must Read
Post by: Boyoplastic on June 22, 2010, 03:00:49 PM
General Items

Arrive at the starting point in plenty of time for the briefing on the route and destination of the trip.
Please be ready to depart with a full fuel tank.
If you are going to leave the group before the end of the trip please notify the trip leader and others.
Do not go faster than you feel comfortable driving!

Rules of the Road

Our line of cars should not dominate the road. If others are trying to pass the group please let them do so.
Whenever the group stops, if at all feasible, make sure you pull completely off the road.
Always use your indicators in plenty of time to guide cars in the group, as well as other road users.
If you want the group to stop, flash your headlights. If the car behind you flashes its headlights, flash yours until the group leader pulls over. When the group passes through a congested area, it should try and stop as soon as safely practicable to regroup.


Always stay within the legal speed limit. If the traffic is flowing slower than the legal limit go with the traffic flow.
Average speed 110 - 120 KM/h ZC, SP & BM will decide on speed along the convoy.

Keep the gap distance approx. 2 car in front. But not too close or too far or otherwise advice by OC

The lead car should establish a sensible pace for the group. It is each individual driver responsibility to keep the vehicle behind him or her in sight, ensuring the group stays together.
If the car in front slows down, please slow down with it. If each car does this the convoy will stay together.

"Enjoy your drive, steady as it is"
Title: Re: Convoy Rules Must Read
Post by: Boyoplastic on June 22, 2010, 03:02:42 PM
Tips for the Trip Leader - OC

1. Have a short meeting of all drivers to explain the route and destinations.
2. Assign a buddy to drivers that are unfamiliar to the route and destination.
3. Hand out route instructions if possible. A quick copy of a handwritten map or written directions.
4. If there are a large number of vehicles it is advisable to break up into two or more formal groups with a lead car for each group.
5. On larger trips if possible have a sign up sheet with vehicle make, color, mobile number, and list of passengers?

Things You must have before join in CONVOY

1. Vechicle in Tip Top & Shine condition
2. MeOG Official Shirt
3. Walkie Talkie
4. CAR Identitfy Sticker
5. GPS
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Thank you for the info..
how to get Meog stickers/tshirt?
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