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Estima 2000-2005 FAQ (model ACR)
« on: June 24, 2010, 10:48:55 AM »

There are extra air-cond vents on my third row (from floor) ?
Yes, this is tue and your Timah is in G grade.

At first starting up the car, why the air-cond so noisy?
Estima uses auto climate control air-condition system; it will sense the temperature internal and outside the cabin, then it will give best temperature combination. You can still control the fan if you want to be set manually.

How to use heater ?
Just press the temp to max and you will see 'HOT' text.

What is the ideal temperature if I drive alone?
Set the front temperature to 25c and off the rear cooler

Is there any known issue about Timah Air-Cond?
No, all perfect..

Should I replace the internal Air-Cond filter regularly?
No lar, when it's dirty only la..

How frequest should I service the Air-Cond system?
At least every 2 years


What is battery type for Estima ?
The standard size for Estima is NS60L

Can I change out Timah battery to NS 70?
Why not, can but you have to sellect the "L" one

Can I use maintenance free battery?
Why not! any battery will do for Estima.

My Timah battery using small head terminal, can I convert to bigger clip cooper?
You can still use the small head terminal battery or you could also convert to bigger terminal cooper and then use the battery with bigger terminal head

My battery always out when the acc shop do something on my AV system, how to avoid this?
There is no other way to avoid this, always start the engine to ensure that your car won't loose the current. You can stop the angine, but make sure not too long.


Why some of Timah got bodykit?
There are Aeras grade, you will see some of the OEM Aerosport bodykit for G packages. Normally X packages does not have bodykit. There are also some of Timah installed with custom made bodykit from Japan. On the other hand local bodykit also a lot, they have rubber and fiber type quality

How much fibre bodykit for our Timah?
It should be around RM3.5K with spray.

How many types of bodykit we have for our Timah?
Generally we have two types only, it is Aeras aand Aerosport. The rest maybe a custom made from Japan or local

I am seeing so many type of Bodykit for Timah? is this true?
Yes, I guess more than 30 types of badykit for our Timah

Can I install fibre type bodykit?
Since the ABS one is very expensive, why not? but the paintwork stuff is very hard...


Why, when I drive up to ~90km, the steering is shaking the moment I press the brake pedal?
Yes, it is known issues for Estima, the surface of the front disks are uneven. To solve this issue, ask the workshop to perform disk skimming [Front Only]. This would cost you RM60.00


Why my reverse camera does not have colour one?
Could be your reverse camera is pre-facelift models.

Could my timah install 3-way-front camera?
Yes, it should work for all AV head unit

What are the best non OEM brands for reverse camera ?
Try Eclipse or Kenwood, most of the time Eclipse will never give us problems

CMOS using smart chip technology to analyse the input colours but output image is a bit poorer.

If I change the OEM head unit, will my camera still functioning?
Yes, it should work for all AV head unit but the image could be a bit blur

CCD separates 3 main input colours thus giving clearer and sharper

Can I install no branded reverse camera ?
Of course you can do it, there are cheap BUT you have to bear in mind that some of them are CCTV camera; the angle is not design for rear view of a car. We strongly suggest you going for camera that is designed for reverse mode.

I had Navigator installed with reverse camera and lines inidcation. Can I change to colour reverse camera and the put back the lines indication?
Forget about it, a lot of work?


I saw some of Timah using Lexus red emblem
Yes, this is normal in Japan. You can change to any emblem as you like and fit the size. This is common in NEF Japan.

Why my front emblem is red colour?
It is the same emblem, just Estima T network carry the red colour and Estima L is carry the blue colour


What is RPM idle time for 2.4L engine?
It is ~6.5, not 8.5 as Proton cars.

Displacement in cubic centimeters (cc) for 2.4L?
it is 2362

BHP or Power output for 2.4L?
[160PS] /5,600r.p.m

When should I change the timing belt?
2.4 Timah use timing chain, so it normally would last for more than 10 years

Is the 2.4 Timah is under power?
Yes, if you need more power then 3.0L is for you

Fog Lamp:

Can I convert the fog lamp to HID based system?
Yes, is up to you...maybe try Bosch or Philips


Why many people said estima 2.4L fc is more than 0.30 cents in city use?
No lah, this is not true

How much fuel consumptions for 2.4L ?
2.4L FF is about 11km/liter, of course lees km for AWD models..

What is the fuel tank capacity and fuel type?
70 liters, Unleaded premium petrol and the reserve is 10 liters

How do I know that my Timah fuel consumption is okay or not?
As long as you can reach 450km for town drive and 600km for long distance for a tank, then your Timah is in good condition [Assumption based on experience]


Why my gearbox suddenly changed when climb the up-hill?
It is normal in Estima, because of Super ETC technology, up-hill and down-hill sensing. But you still can control the gear and overdrive


Why I am seeing some Timah with white light from headlamp?
Most probably they have Xenon lights.


Why I don't see optitron meter in all packages? It is installed for Q and later model of Aeras only?

X and J using normal meter

When I switch off the engine, my meter turn to dark colour.
Yes, this is not a problem, that’s Optitron Meter and your Timah grade could be in G or Aeras.

Why some Timah got blue meter.
Yes, This is non Optitron meter, which is install on Aeras 2000, X and J grades only

Why some of Aeras grades got Optitron Meter?
Starting from 2001, all Aeras grade got Optitron Meter installed.

I saw some Timah with Orange meter...
This true, Si Jepun ni la, they have so many kind of accessories. Sometimes we can’t distinguish it....
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Re: Estima 2000-2005 FAQ (model ACR)
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2010, 10:49:33 AM »

How many package/trimmings available for 2.4 model [Pre-facelift models?]
Mainly, they have 4 packages. Aeras, G, X and J. Aeras target for sporty, G for luxury, X for basic and J for commercial. There are 3 more packages, rarely found which are Aeras Premium, Aeras S and Aeras G. Mostly. These models are facelift.

What are characteristic of Aeras Packages [Pre-facelift models?]
Mainly would have bodykit, gray interior, and two tone combination, including fabric special bumper and fog lamps

Which Cik Timah model is good for me?
Look for G or Aeras grade only. Don't choose X and J, because they are basic grade.

What are characteristic of G Packages [Pre-facelift models?]
G spec or package normally would have walnut sets including steering, chrome trimmings, special rear air-cond controls, auto-light, optitron meter, rheostat, two-tone creamy colour for interior. Vacuum Doors is a must for G

What are characteristic of X Package [Pre-facelift models?]
X has a very light grey colour, two-tone combination for cabin parts including fabric. It also sometimes would have walnut sets excluding steering, normal meter, only 8 persons seat, no foglamps and no bodykit. X-Limited would have Navigator and Vacuum

What are characteristic of J Package [Pre-facelift models]
Only 8 pax, clear glasses, external antenna, black colour door handles and manual based air-con switches

How many power doors for pre-facelift models
We only can see single type power door and it is apply to all grades.

It is true that Estima got Dual Power Doors?
Yes, Only apply for Facelift models. Bur there are some models in 2000 still in Vacuum Doors

When is the start date of facelift productions?
May 2003. Estima 2000 – 2003 is pre-facelift models. airakaz_ca Model Diff ESTIMA T & L The Estima L & Estima T are the same cars, but in Japan, they're sold, through different Toyota dealer networks

Why I don’t see Sunroof, Moonroof in all Estima?
It is optional for all trims, depends on the buyer in Japan during the deal.

What is true about X and J packages?
Only 8 pax models available for X and J packages Model

Why I am seeing some Estima with clear glasses Clear glasses only installed for J type, the rest of grades are in privacy glasses (dark glasses)

Why my Timah is “Estima L” and others are “Estima T”?
“Estima L” is from “COROLLA Dealer Network” and “Estima T” is from “TOYOPET Dealer Network”. Some of the parts are different respectively

Full Specs G Package 7-Seater/ Walnut Trimming/ Single PD/VD/ MR/ SR/ RC/ Xenon/ Rear AC Control

Can I convert my X grade to G grade ?
Forget about it lar, might as well sell the car.

Can I convert Aeras to G grade?
Don't la, banyak kerja wooooo. Better sell the car and buy a new one.

How to ensure that G is a real G?
Just see the chrome at the gear knob and rear cooler switch.

Full Specs Estima Aeras 7-Seater/ Sport Trimming/ VD/ MR/ SR/ RC/ Xenon/


What is ACR30 ?
ACR30 is a model name for Estima 2.4 FW (Front Wheel) and ACR40 is the model for AWD (All Wheel Drive)


Why my Navigator does not have touch screen features?
Some OEM models do not have this kind of features, we have seen some of the Timah in year 2003 and above got this features

Can I connect a install a DVD player and then connect to our Timah’s OEM Navigator?
Yes can, there is a rear RCA(on the right of the third row), then make use of that to connect to DVD Player, Roof DVD Player or even a DVD Changer and many more

Can this Navigator be used in Malaysia?
Forget about it!

Why I cannot get Malaysia TV Channels when I press “TV” on my Timah’s Navigator ?
Forget about it. Is not going to work here, Japan uses NTSC whereas in Malaysia we use PAL.

I have a Navigator with DVD logo, but why I cannot play a DVD movie?
Could be the Navigator DVD just meant for DVD ROM only

I wonder, how big my screen is?
It is 6.8", you can say 7" lah....

Why I don't have reverse lines indicator when I reverse my Timah?
Only EOM Toyota Navigator got this ind of features, this package is called "Navi Special: in Japan.

If I change the OEM head unit, will my reverse lines indicator still there?
Yes, it should be there, as long as the technicain knows how to connect it back. But the image is a bit blur.

When I first got my Timah, the car is like talking to me in Japanese?
The voice is from the navigator system, remove the CD underneath of front passenger seat and replace with the blank CD.
It will solve the issue

Can I install a split unit of DVD player and then make use of Navigator’s screen for front video out. ?
Yes can, you can place the DVD player anywhere as you like, as long as easy for you to handle it. Some people put under seat, in the front compartment, right in the middle of armrest and many other places, it is really depending on you.

Power Door:

Can I install Power Door ?
Forget about it. Due diff. chasis & sensor wiring

When I start to move my Timah, there is a little sound come out from left sliding door. Is this a normal thing or an issue?
Yes, this most common issue in our Timah, the most utilize door will have a little sound since the original support lock of the door are metal based. To resolve this issue, you have to replace the metal-based support with the rubber one. The other alternative is to do extra ‘metal lock’, same as facelift model. You can see this on facelift models, whereby there is a male and female to support the sliding.


I have an original Toyota Radio/Navigator/Radio, why my FM frequency is only up to 90?
This is normal, you can install FM booster/modulator, but this device also does not help much to give the current frequency in Malaysia. The best option is do nothing or add another head unit and run radio from that unit.


No matter how good I adjust the Radio/DVD, I still feel that something is not right with receptions of the FM ?
Yes, it is known issue the printed antenna for Estima is not doing well. To overcome this issue you have to install the external antenna. J type already equipped with external antenna.

Road Tax:

How much Malaysia Road tax for 2.4L?


Why my Timah don’t have ‘steering kayu’ ?
Your Timah is not in G grade.

Why my Timah got ‘steering kayu in marble colour’.
The buyer in Japan already change it lar. In standard spec we don’t see this type of accessory installed. But, the product not from third party, it is Toyota Original.


Why so important Timah’s seatbelt to us. ?
Ayoyooo..From there we can see the date of manufacturer of the car.

Seats position:

Can I convert my timah from 8 to 7 ?
Yes, but some of the 'potong' parts maybe not matching with the interior colour. You have to think about the roadtax that you pay for 8 seats. I guess PUSPAKOM will not approve if you dispatch the car for inspection by intention of conversion.


Does Estima has bulit-in Immobillizer ?
Yes. Certain model look at indicator panel (Car with key symbol)
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Re: Estima 2000-2005 FAQ (model ACR)
« Reply #2 on: June 24, 2010, 10:50:05 AM »

Can I send my Timah to Toyota Service Center or its dealer?

Where should I service my Timah?
Anywhere, as long as they can do the job.
Workshop Mutiara Performance MPV Pro Service
No. 29, Jalan SM12, Taman Sri Manja, Jalan Klang Lama, 46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Can I buy parts from Toyota Service Center or its dealer ?
Can, tapi mahaiiii ooooooooo.

Can I send my Timah to Toyota Service Dealer (Under UMW Network)?
Surely you can, tapi mahai la....mahalnya bukan main banyak lagi.....jangan cuba oii. Unless you are CEO,CFO or etc

We can I look at all the parts that commonly used for servicing ?
Go to meog yahoogroups n then Go to the "Database" section and look for folder called "Estima Spare Parts - Market price - KL". All parts are listed here and the best shop to buy is ST AUTO JALAN IPOH KL. (Google Maps)

How much cost for 20K servicing?
Oil Filter, Full Synthetic Engine Oil, Spark Plug & Tranmission Oil RM300++

How much is cost for Total service?
Oil Filter, Full Synthetic Oil, Transmission Fluid, Common Belt, Fuel Filter, Iridium S.Plugs, Air Filter, Radiotar Flush, Brake PAD (Fr) RM1200 with Labour

How often should I change the air filter, gearbox oil, spark plug and fuel filter?
We recommend on every 25k/30k mileage or at least once a year [assumption based on experience]

How much cost for 10K servicing ?
Oil Filter & Full Synthetic Engine Oil RM150++

When do I need to replace fuel filter?
Every 4 year or 120,000KM. Cost part RM90 Labour RM80

Fuel Filter replace Tips Dismantle fuel tank. The filter inside the Fuel pump.
Advise carefully check the "LATCH Mark" & tank is 3/4 empty

Sliding Doors:

When I start moving my Timah, there is a little sound from sliding doors
Yes, this is known issue with Timah, remove one of the male/famale of the central support lock will solve the problem but you have to push a bit hard if got no vacuum/power door systems when closing the door

Spark Plugs:

So many types of Iridium Spark plugs on the market, which one should I use?
Try Toyota original Iridium spark plugs, surely you will notice the the different.

Why I can't use normal spark plugs
You will see the degraded of the power and some more it is not recommended in Estima's manual. So, better don�t la and the spark plugs only change once a year or once every two years.

Can I use Toyota Iridium Spark Plugs?
Yes, it is recommended in the Toyota User�s Manual. This would cost your Rm38 per piece.


I don't really good sound quality form tweaters
Yes, just replace it with the barded one

How many speaker for our Timah?
4 main speakers, 2 for front and 2 for rear and 2 tweeters. Some of the X packages did not have tweeters

I have changed the rear spekaers, but the sound quality is so good
Yes, this is also one of the known issue with Timah, because the room is not enough to support and generate the superb sound system. Maybe is good not to change the speakers at all.

Can I change the front speakers?
Yes, you can. Maybe you can try component speakers, for example like infinity, roskford, mbquartx, focal and etc. Component speakers will create better sound quality.

Can I install center speaker?
Can la, why cannot. But your HU must support 5.1cn

How big rear and front speakers?
Front is 6.5" and rear is 5"

Sunroof and Moonroof:

Why there are important for our Timah ?
Secondhand value is very high

What is common problem for Sunroof and Moonroof ?
Leaking lor�..could be 1/2 cars out of 100 cars will get this probem

Another advantage of Sunroof and Moonroof ?
If you have it, it is very easy to install Roof Video as there is one 'tulang' besi over there to 'ikat' the screws

When I look my timah from higher area or bulding. My Timah look nicer if goot sunroof & moon roof


Original Sizes?
15"-(205/65/15R) 16"-(215/60/16R) 17"-(215/55/17R) 18"-(225/45/18R)

How long I should rotate my tyres ?
10,000 km milage

What are the best tyres for my Timah. ?
Any brand will do. But, I guess we should always ask for MPV tyres and ensure that got inside and outside sign. Normally you ask the one imported from Japan.

Vacuum Door:

Can I install Vacuum Door ?
Yes you can, but the price is very is not consistent and depending on the shop. The price range should be from 2k till 3k for both doors. If more than that we can consider expensive.

How to identify our Timah got Vacuum Door or not?
Look at the sliding door pins, count how many, it should be 8 pins for vacuum door and 5 pins for non-vacuum door


Can I do a Walnut printing for my dashboard?
Why can�t, you can do for the whole car if you want to.
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Re: Estima 2000-2005 FAQ (model ACR)
« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2013, 12:08:18 PM »
very informative  :)
Mencari Kesempurnaan...

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Re: Estima 2000-2005 FAQ (model ACR)
« Reply #4 on: February 26, 2013, 10:50:44 PM »
I'm still searching for the best Teemah to fit my family.. Found one G package with power doors.. but the owner stated 2.4L VVTi T3.. What is VVTi T3 meant?.. is it the same normal estima engine?? or else??


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Re: Estima 2000-2005 FAQ (model ACR)
« Reply #5 on: February 27, 2013, 11:58:14 AM »
If I'm not mistaken, T3 refers to trim levels, not engine/gearbox, meaning you have more optional items on the car than level T2.

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Re: Estima 2000-2005 FAQ (model ACR)
« Reply #6 on: February 27, 2013, 10:14:43 PM »
If I'm not mistaken, T3 refers to trim levels, not engine/gearbox, meaning you have more optional items on the car than level T2.

terima kasih..  ;)

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Re: Estima 2000-2005 FAQ (model ACR)
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thanks for detail information... :)

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Re: Estima 2000-2005 FAQ (model ACR)
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Re: Estima 2000-2005 FAQ (model ACR)
« Reply #9 on: May 11, 2015, 06:00:18 PM »
On Sliding door sound..which part is the 'central support lock' ?

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Re: Estima 2000-2005 FAQ (model ACR)
« Reply #10 on: June 18, 2015, 04:58:15 PM »
estima sy lampu oil presure menyala. bwk ke workshop ckp oil pump rosak, skali dgn oil pressure sensor.
kos alat dlm RM1k and labour also rm1k sbb kene bwk turun engine. btul ke mcm ni?

pastu engine pomen ni ckp dah ade bunyi. dah bwk turun engine worse case kene overhaul lalu ade internal problem!

mmg mcm ni ke? tak raya la ako thn ni... :-[ :-[